Here's a prescription from me to you in case you end up working until 10:00 one night and have to go back into work at 6:00 the next morning for store inventory, like I did:

:: Do everything in stretchy pants
:: Treat yourself to lunch at your favorite sandwich shop
:: Rent a chick-flick at RedBox
:: Catch up on your TV shows
:: Talk to your mom and sister on the phone
:: Spend an hour online looking up Hey, Girl memes
:: Make an easy dinner that your man incidentally loves, like meatloaf
:: Book a room in an oceanfront hotel for not this weekend, but the next weekend, thereby satisfying your desperate need for some coast time


If you do even some of those things, I promise your recuperation will be well underway--especially if you book the room at the coast.


A Mitton said...

WOOHOO you're finally going to the coast!

Ande said...

That sounds like a great day of recuperation. Hey Girl memes always cheer me up. My personal favorite Ryan G. movie is Lars and the Real Girl...if you haven't seen it, you need to. It's so great. And awkward.

michelle said...

A great prescription!

And I second the recommendation for Lars and the Real Girl.

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