memorial weekend parties

I spent my weekend in Denver with the family (Josh couldn't come--no vacation time and expensive plane tickets). My weekend was wonderful and busy. We were going from the time I got there to the time I left.

:: The little brother graduated high school (though little is poor word choice--John is a full foot taller than I am).

{Taking self-portraits with this graduate is just about impossible given his incredible height}

:: We celebrated graduation with a big family dinner, complete with marinated flank steak and grilled salmon. Plus two cakes. Obviously.

:: Emily went through the temple on Saturday. (This was the ultimate reason I came to Colorado for the weekend.)

{Super windy day}

:: My close friends threw me a delightful baby shower. Those newborn onesies just about kill me with cuteness.

:: Sunday night Mom made homemade donuts for John and some of his friends for another graduation celebration.

{Because who doesn't love a picture of a newborn onesie?}

I returned to Oregon yesterday and crashed on the couch in complete exhaustion--it was a great weekend, but right now, this girl is all partied out.


A Mitton said...

So much love. I really need to tell you about my weekend...

m.estelle said...

so fun!!

Hannah said...

So much excitement in your family! Congrats all around.

michelle said...

So many reasons to celebrate!

Jessica said...

Sounds busy but so fun! Glad you got to go!

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