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Motherhood is on my mind almost all the time now. Obviously. This year's Mother's Day will be unique in my life, because never again will I be almost a mother but not quite yet. I'm highlighting mothers in my life this week in the hope that I can learn from them how to mother my own babe and family.

Growing up I remember we had many people coming in and out of our home--people stopping by for church callings, people dropping off or picking up things, people coming over to chat for an evening. Our home was often a hub of comings and goings and stayings and leavings.

Once or twice (and with a couple of different people) we even had teenagers who lived with us for brief stints of time. In high school my friends and my sister's friends spent lots of time over with our family. We had neighbors who came over almost daily, sharing various family occasions with us.

If we had vistiors who happened to be around come dinner, Mom often invited them to stay, willingly adding one or two more plates to the table, whether it be a run-of-the-mill weeknight or Christmas Eve dinner.

I never gave much thought to this phenonemon that was my hub of a home. Sometimes I itched for more just-my-family time, but I never resented my mother for opening our home to anybody who wanted to be there. Not too long ago I identified the characteristic that defined my home and explained its frequent visitors: My mother created a home where the Spirit could be, and because of that, our home was a safe place not only for my family but for others as well.

Whenever I'm home I feel loved and accepted, and others outside of my siblings and me feel that same love. My mom created a safe home and a loving home--a home defined by the gospel and its unique and permeating spirit.


As a mother, I hope to fill my home with the Spirit, with love, acceptance, and safety.


April said...

This is so true. Your Mom was one of my first friends when we moved to Denver and this is exactly how I have always felt. The love, warmth and spirit in her home compares to no other! (Except maybe your Grandma!! )

P.S. Be expecting an email from me about other pregnancy must have's that do not seem appropriate to put in a comment box for all to see. :)

Denise said...

Thank you for such a lovely gift of a post! I'm so happy that you feel this way about our home.

And I confess, I'm wondering about April's pregnancy unmentionables.

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