mothers--my mother-in-law

Motherhood is on my mind almost all the time now. Obviously. This year's Mother's Day will be unique in my life, because never again will I be almost a mother but not quite yet. I'm highlighting mothers in my life this week in the hope that I can learn from them how to mother my own babe and family.

When people find out that Josh and I live literally five minutes away from his parents, they often shoot me commiserating looks, presuming that I married into the Barones or something. The thing is, though, that I couldn't have picked better in-laws if I tried.

Over the past year and a half, I've gotten to know Karen beyond her role as mother-in-law. We're both family and friends, and I love it.

Since becoming a Wilson, I've tried and done many things that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Karen is outgoing and adventurous, and she has this uncanny way of pushing me to try new things while still loving and accepting me as I am, however unadventurous. Do you think I would have ever tried Lebanese food or rock climbing if Karen hadn't been there to encourage me to do it? It's unlikely.

Thanks to Karen I've learned how to take that leap outside of my comfort zone, because chances are that I'll find something pretty awesome. When I take those leaps, she's always right there to be my cheerleader, and when I'm not up for branching out, she says it's okay and loves me anyway.


As a mother I want to help Babe reach outside of himself and take risks, and when stepping beyond his comfort zone is a little too much at the moment, I want him to know that I love him regardless.

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