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Motherhood is on my mind almost all the time now. Obviously. This year's Mother's Day will be unique in my life, because never again will I be almost a mother but not quite yet. I'm highlighting mothers in my life this week in the hope that I can learn from them how to mother my own babe and family.

{The Woods circa the grooviest era--obviously. Grandma is the mom in this photo, Dad the grooviest--obviously.}

When I talk about my grandma on this blog, I almost always am talking about my mom's mom; however, I really do have another grandmother who is very dear to me. She passed away almost 20 years ago, when I was only five. I am the only one of my dad's children who even remembers her, and my recollections are mere snapshot memories.

Whenever I think about my grandma, I think steadfast. She lovingly held her children accountable to the doctrines and principles she taught in her home. She taught my dad to be a man--a man who loves his wife and children and who loves his God. Even though she left us two decades ago, she lives on through her family; her influence radiates beyond herself and into her posterity.

So though I may not have many memories of her I feel like I know her, at least the most important parts of her. She's just as much a grandmother to me as my grandmother who was able to participate so actively in my life.


As a mother, I want to be steadfast; I want to teach Mr. Babe to be the truest kind of man.

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A Mitton said...

I'm really loving these posts, Charlotte. They make me think about the kind of mother I want to be.

You'll be a great one. Obviously.

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