running away

Last Friday, I picked up Josh from work and we ran away to the coast for a night. It was bliss. We spent Friday night in Seaside.

Josh finally got to fly his new stunt kite.

See his kite way up in the sky?

Then we spent Saturday in Arcadia and Cannon Beach.

We took a walk along the coastline and named some of the features we saw. This was Seagull Rock (there were lots of birds on it that you can't really see in the picture).

And this is Lone Tree framed by Parabolic Rock. (Josh says the rock looks like a fourth-order polonomial--math nerd).

The weather was sunny, in the 70s, and very slightly breezy, so pretty much perfect.

We laid out our beach chairs and I read for a couple hours while Josh dozed.

Then we went to downtown Cannon Beach to our favorite fish market for fresh Pacific cod fish 'n' chips.

After some boutique browsing we ate huge, delicious crepes. Mine had Nutella and bananas and whipped cream.

We headed home a bit earlier than we would normally, because the beach was getting pretty crowded, and we knew that we wouldn't be able to get another parking spot. So we skipped the crowds and headed home with a giant bag of salt water taffy.

Like I said, it was pretty much perfect.


Sheri said...

so cool! we used to go there when we were little!

A Mitton said...

70s in May?? Shoot. That's fabulous weather. I'm wicked jealous of this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds delicious! So awesome that the two of you got to get away for such a perfect weekend!

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