mothers--almost a mother

{26 weeks}

I tried on three different outfits today before going to church and cried because I was so frustrated that nothing fits and because I felt chubby instead of pregnant. (There were definitely hormones involved this morning.) I have many moments when I don't enjoy pregnancy for its pains and discomforts, and then I feel Mr. Babe poke me a hello and my heart melts.

I wouldn't take an infinite number of comforts if it took away my babe. And I would take countless more discomforts if that's what it took to bring a healthy babe into our family.

Every day I tell Josh how excited I am to actually meet this little babe. I wonder who he'll look like, what his personality will be, how he'll intereact with his world. Isn't it remarkable that even before he's born, this babe is already an integral, irreplaceable part of our family? My heart is already overflowing with love for this little boy--my heart is already his.

While I may not know much of anything about real motherhood at this point, what I do know is that I love my baby--and that love will go a long way.


Diana Allen said...

cute pic!

Pregnancy was so long ago for me but I do remember the love I felt when Kira and Josh kicked me, such an amazing feeling. (And I hated being pregnant but those moments were great)

Susan@besusan.com said...

I'm glad to hear how much you love looking forward to motherhood...and "smotherhood" as named by Michelle!

Just think...this is your last year not celebrating as a mother! Wow. Holy Cow...Babe will soon be here!

And you could never look fat! But I can still relate.

Susan@besusan.com said...


What's with your mom and sister becoming blog flunkies??!!
Sad,sad, sad.....

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