a very thankful thanksgiving

Whenever I go home and see my family, I feel reunited with a piece of me that can only be found in those Rocky Mountain foothills. Or maybe it's a piece that can be found only with my parents and siblings, regardless of their location.

I experienced so many wonderful moments this past week. All of my siblings met Asher.

My mom and dad got to love on their grandson over and over.

Asher obliged us all with engaging in peek-a-boo.

And he was delightedly thrilled when Josh joined us later in the week.

We indulged in Wood traditions like chocolate turkeys and kitchen dancing.

Mom made delicious food throughout the whole week, including a Biscuit Banquet for John (biscuits are probably his favorite dinner item ever).

And don't forget the many, many rolls, which didn't make it through to Saturday.

We tried our best to help Asher get some sleep during the day, but he would have none of it.

That is, until he would collapse in crying exhaustion.

I hadn't had a Thanksgiving with my family since I got married, so this week was much anticipated and greatly savored.

My life is full--oh so full and beautiful.

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michelle said...

This all looks so wonderful! I especially liked seeing the pictures of Asher with your mom and dad. They are adorable grandparents.

And I demand to know where you guys found chocolate stars! We had to forego chocolate turkeys this year.

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