:: I am loving this holiday season so far. We have our tree up, and it's delightful.

:: It's been a busy week returning back to normal after our Denver trip. In fact, I think this whole month will be a busy one. With regular things like grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom, we have Christmas parties, doctor appointments, and even a wedding in Utah to squeeze in.

:: I also have some sewing to get done. I'm this close to finishing this jacket, and I have a Christmas dress in mind to start.

:: I have a couple of Christmas presents to pump out soon, but really I'm not making many presents this year. I'm totally okay with that.

:: In fact, I have lots of my shopping done already.

:: What are your leftovers this week?


Miranda said...

Dude. I am so SO impressed with how much you sew now! Way to go Charlotte! By the way, we should get together sometime, yes?

Diana Allen said...

love the jacket!

I am so excited for December, my favorite month of the year :)

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