almost there

Last night I put Asher under the play gym for a few minutes while I tried to squeeze some sewing in before dinner. Whenever I set him up with the play gym, it looks something like this.

{circa 6 weeks}

Last night, however, I look over and see this.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a pivoting back scooter on our hands. His manueverings were a result of trying to accomplish a bodily milestone. After half an hour of this he was getting pretty frustrated and so we called it a night.


He's so close. We'll keep you posted.


Marianne said...

isn't it fun? They are constantly surprising you. Diana's little guy continually arches his neck. He rolled over twice at 6 weeks just trying to see what was behind him! Asher is such a little sweety! I am glad you are enjoying him.

Ande said...

I'm pretty sure I saw him sticking out his tongue in concentration. So cute.

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