T minus 3 days

In three days the babe and I leave for Denver. (Josh will be joining us next week, since he doesn't have vacation time yet.)

In spite of my long to-do list this week, all three of us have been taken down by a small cold bug. Asher's case seems to be the most mild, but regardless it's relegated us to a pajama day.

Any tips for a baby with a cold? Any tips for traveling with a baby with a cold? Or traveling with a baby, period? (Just so you know where I stand on parent advice, know that I am not above drugging my child on the plane.)


Jessica said...

I'm not above drugging either, but apparently Cason cannot be drugged! We've tried several different things and nothing works on him! Most likely Asher will sleep and be an angel during the flight. I wouldn't worry! Just take something to cover up with so you can nurse if he gets fussy. Also a baby carrier might be useful at the airport if your not taking your stroller.

paws said...

Little Noses saline drops and the bulb syringe are good for congestion. Nurse him during take off and landing to help his ears. Even if it's terrible, it'll be over shortly.

Kenton Anderson said...

We live in Boulder! So cool that you are coming so close!
Good luck traveling with a sick kid!
A couple of things I have found helpful while traveling with kids.
1. make sure he is sucking something when you take off and land- it will help his ears pop. If he doesn't take a pacifier- just use your clean finger!
2. Get a new toy or two. We ALWAYS get a couple brand new toys when we go anywhere with our kids. Something small and simple- but having something new and interesting to play with always helps- get out only one at a time. When he really can't take the toy anymore, pull out the other one you brought!
3. Take a stroller! You can gate check them for free. And possibly (if you have tons of luggage) wear Asher in a carrier and use the stroller as a luggage cart.
Good luck! You are doing to do great! I know on Facebook you asked for a carseat which I couldn't help you with seeing as how I am using it- but if you need any other big baby items- message me- I probably have it and won't be using it over Thanksgiving!

Breanna said...

I've never taken Lyla on a plane, so I guess I'm not much help. When she had colds, the doctor said the best medicine was breast milk, so there's that. Look at me, I'm practically a pediatrician. :)

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well Lyla did when we traveled to and from Texas this summer, and she was six months and nine months respectively. I think that the younger your baby is the easier they are to travel with, because they mostly sleep and wouldn't be doing much more than laying there anyway, you know? Now that Lyla is more mobile, she gets more frustrated with the car seat.

But ... how do you and Brittney know each other?!

patsy said...

It will be a breeze!
TRaveling with a baby this young isn't bad at all. Just get comfy & nurse/pacifier to help his ears pop.


Denise Wood said...


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