skinny jeans and instagram

Several years ago in a fit of fashion bravery I tried on skinny jeans in a store. It did not go over great. I promptly put them back on the merchandise rack and bought a pair of trusty boot-cut jeans instead.

In September when I was prepping for the shopping spree with my mom, the LOFT was having a killer sale, and I saw this pair of skinny jeans--this bright mustard yellow pair of pants. And I was sold.

For years I've been content with lesser phones: the dumb ones, the ones that can't take good pictures and don't link up to Instagram. Then when Josh upgraded his phone to the new iPhone 5 (from a true dunce of a phone), I found a great deal for a refurbished 4S, and I feel revolutionized.

So, here I am, wearing bright yellow skinny jeans and Instagramming all my pictures. Hello, 21st century. It's about time you and I met.

{If you're dying to follow me on Instagram, you can find me @charlotte_wilson2010.}


Hannah Holt said...

Yellow looks good on you. I haven't joined the instagram wave, but everyone tells me I should. :)

Ande said...

A) you look awesome. B) looooove the skinny jeans. C) I was anti iPhone until Joe got me one. They are amazing aren't they?

paws said...

Holy crap. You do NOT look like you just had a baby!

Skinny jeans are all the rage right now, and although I like the colors that are out now, I hate the way they fit me. I'll keep trying.

Denise Wood said...

Never thought I'd say it, but I'm not sure how I lived without my iPhone.

Love the skinny jeans!

Love you.

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