you might not know

You might not know that

:: I get occular migraines, which means I get the visual halo and sometimes nausea without the pain of a migraine. They still make me feel super crummy.
:: When I posted this I had just executed a painful and needed break-up, closing a particularly emotional chapter of my life.
:: Starting our family when we did was Josh's idea. It took me a week or so to warm up to the idea.
:: In spite of ourselves Josh and I secretly watch--and enjoy--The Mindy Project.
:: It's Tim-Tam Slam season, folks. Head to your local Target and stock up. Obviously.

1 comment:

Hannah Holt said...

Boo, I'm sorry you get migraines. My Target doesn't have Tim-Tams yet. This is a huge oversight for whoever does their ordering!

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