month three

:: That is a nine-month onesie the boy is wearing.
:: He's only three months.
:: He is a very long babe.

:: He produces lots of drool.
:: And then likes to accessorize your outfit with it.
:: He's also a big hand-sucker.
:: Sometimes he'll try and suck on both his hand and his pacifier.
:: But he rarely spits up.
:: In fact, when he does spit up, I'm never prepared for it.

:: His nighttime sleep was pretty good, then regressed, then progressed.
:: We're ahead with nighttime sleep.
:: Daytime sleep, though, is a whole different story.
:: Some days are great.
:: And others are definitely not great.
:: Why won't he just believe me when I say that he'll feel better if he naps?

:: I'm convinced Asher has dimples.
:: Josh isn't convinced.
:: The cheek chub effectively hides them.
:: But they flash out occasionally.
:: His elbows have chub dimples.
:: As do his knuckles.

:: He'll laugh sometimes.
:: But sometimes you think it's a laugh when really it's a precursor to a cry.
:: He's good at psyching us out like that.

:: He's not quite as fond of the car seat as he used to be.
:: But he'll usually calm down once we get moving.

:: If he's rested, then he's the happiest, most easy-going babe.
:: If he's not rested . . . well, good luck, sucker.

:: Tummy time, while mostly avoided, has been getting better.
:: He loves soft things against his face.
:: So maybe that's why he's happy keeping his head on the ground during this particular tummy time session.
:: If you make a blanket cave over his head while you're holding him, he'll almost always start falling asleep.

:: He talks all the time.
:: You know, that baby jabber that's adorable.
:: He's perfectly wonderful.


Melissa Marilyn said...

These photos are particularly adorable!

Melissa Marilyn said...

These photos are particularly adorable!

Melissa Marilyn said...

These photos are particularly adorable!

paws said...

I like the way you're using the numbered onesies.

Why does Melissa say everything thrice?

michelle said...

My babies were terrible sleepers, day or night. I've never been able to understand why babies fight sleep! Is there anything more delicious than the feeling of drifting off?

I adore those little knuckle dimples! He is just beautiful.

Hannah Holt said...

Seriously, your little man is like a little slice of baby heaven. So cute!

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