chilly willy

I use many childish expressions these days: silly willy, chilly willy, cozy warm, chilly cold. I also speak in the third person not infrequently. I clap exaggeratedly and jam to Curious George. Asher introduces a whole new form of I-don't-care-what-others-may-think into my life.

All that to say that it's chilly willy around these parts. Not as chilly cold as Denver, but plenty nippy for Portland. We bundle up every time we leave the house, work that heater, and down that cocoa. No snow, which makes me a little blue, but I'm crossing my fingers for legit snowfall for our Colorado Christmas. And I guess no precipitation right now is all for the best, because then we'd be left with icy roads and that's not good for anyone--especially Portlandians.

I like the cold. Homebodies are primed for cold weather. We like to bundle up in sweaters and capitalize on any excuse to marathon on Netflix. I like to give the oven a workout, and I like to see my breath when I walk outside. Cold clears my lungs, my head. I like wearing coats and scarves, hats and gloves. Before I know it the brisk chill will be replaced with coldish rain, and though I don't mind the rain, I prefer the freezing cold.

So here's to chilly cold days and all those wonderful things we do to stay cozy warm.

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