woes of Christmas packing

Think I can pull off packing two pairs of boots?

That was a real text message I sent my mom and sister. Such are the hardships of Christmas packing. Winter clothing is bulky and puffy, as opposed to the light, flowy pieces of summer. And then there are all the presents. I sent many of our presents via Amazon, but I still have gifts to transport, and all of this is just making me glad that Southwest gives you two free bags per ticket, so that's four bags for this family.

And then there are the carry-ons to consider. We have the diaper bag that I plan to pack full of diapers, extra clothes, snacks, books, toys, and Benadryl. But should I bring another one with my own flight survival tools? So. Here we are, 10:00 at night, unshowered, and blogging instead of packing. Maybe it's time for some cocoa. Obviously. 

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Jill said...

So funny. Do your mom and Emily wear the same shoe size as you? Surely your mom has a closet full of shoes you could borrow!

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