TGIF: a photo essay

Smotherhood defined

Reorganizing the kitchen

Homemade ice cream

All bundled up with socks for mittens

Stocking up at the library

Abandoned snack

Christmas tree play

Pizza night


Brownie batter

And now I'm holing up in my sewing room until bedtime. Breathe.


Miranda said...

That first picture is seriously the greatest.

jmsmusings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jill said...

It's exhausting and adorable, I'm glad you documented it.

Emily Zarbock said...

I think that boy needs some legitimate mittens for Christmas! I'm on it!

Camille said...

My older brother and I used to go on runs in Provo, and if he couldn't find his gloves, he'd just use socks, too!

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