the briefest of recaps

Well, if this isn't under the wire I don't know what is. It's just a good thing I live on the west coast so that when I post this I'll still have two hours till the new year.


2013. You were pretty good to us. We survived sleep training and several bouts of teething. We saw first steps, first words, first foods, five haircuts, and a ton a personality. 2013 is Asher's first full calendar year in our lives, and so that's been all sorts of wonderful. We bought our first home, and I've jotted down a list of improvement projects to tackle in 2014. Asher and I took three roundtrips to Denver, one to Utah, and the shortest of roadtrips to Seattle.

{Asher a year ago}

I read 20 books, thereby meeting my GoodReads goal. And if I can buckle down and finish rereading The Hunger Games tonight, that final number will be 21. I read three memoirs, and five other nonfiction books. A couple of my nonfiction reads were read out of necessity (like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child), and the others out of sheer interest. I reread only one book, and that was via audiobook. For 2014 I have a fair mix of fiction and nonfiction books on my docket. My favorite read of 2013 was probably Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and I was surprised to realize that I didn't read any deep, soulful book during the year. My reading goal for 2014 will likely stay the same: 20 books.


On this space, I documented the year I lived across the street from a rockstar, mine and Josh's love story, and that time I was kicked out of a restaurant. I examined what it means to be an introvert, the impact of sorrow on the heart, and why summer should be shorter. My biggest blogging feat of 2013 was Gracious Living: 31 Days of Refinement. I've received some of the kindest and genuine comments from friends and strangers alike, and I plan to keep this piece of the internet alive and well this year.

Well if I'm going to power through the last third of The Hunger Games, I'd better sign off stat. Happy new year, and tomorrow I hope you enjoy a leisurely day of movie marathons and stretchy pants. Heaven knows that my way to ring in the new year.

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