December's liminality

Liminal space is a term I learned as an English major, and I'd use a different word to avoid sounding pretentious, but there really isn't a different word to use. So I'll just describe it to you. Liminality is the point in between two other spaces. In my literature classes it was used to describe the point of a character's transformation, or even as a physical space that separated one world from another. (Think that place in the Deathly Hallows where Harry goes when Voldemort curses him at the end.)

{In Renaissance literature, forests were often employed as liminal space}

For me, the end of December is always liminal. It's not Christmas anymore, and it's not the new year. It's just in between, a place where we're still on vacation but not caught up in the whirl of Christmas preparations. It's usually relaxing and sometimes melancholy. It's a time to wind down and recharge.

Our Christmas was lovely and fun and gracious. Asher has pulled out all the stops on cuteness and has everyone in the family completely charmed. I've been spending time with my sisters and got to Skype with my missionary brother on Christmas day. We've been playing with new Christmas toys and eating pie in between servings of cinnamon rolls. This year's liminality has been quiet and unadventurous, just the way I like it. January can hold off a little longer if I have anything to do with it.

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A Mitton said...

C loves the term 'liminal space.' I swear it's in every single application essay I edit for him.

It is an excellent description of that between week, isn't it.

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