feverish revisions. so.

Yesterday was the advent day I was most excited for: "Rock around the Christmas tree." That's what we were supposed to do. We'd put on Amy Grant's version and dance around our tree and then pull up She & Him's cover and dance some more. That was the plan, and I was so excited. Then Asher woke up in the middle of the night with a fever that was pushing 103.

So. We changed our day's plans to include stretchy pants, Curious George, and alternating rounds of Tylenol and Motrin. I thought that this morning the fever was gone, but right before we packed up to go to a play date, it spiked past 102.

So. We're staying in stretchy pants, and I may have forced Asher to part from George briefly so I could catch up on The Sing-Off. We're sticking with the Tylenol/Motrin regimen and adding some brownie batter in there for good measure. I have some final touches to put on my Christmas ensemble, and unless the fever persists to Sunday, I'll be posting some pictures. And maybe those damn molars of the boy's which are likely causing this feverish week will finally finally break through.

So. This week hasn't gone as planned. But that's okay. Because while we didn't rock around the tree, we did snuggle. And that's always great, even when it's not in the advent calendar.

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Jill said...

Vive the stretchy pants!

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