that night he met Santa

We met up for dinner with Karen at Jimmy John's.

And it's a good thing Grandma's good at sharing.

Because he ate at least half of her sandwich.

Then we found Santa's house by the Christmas tree.

And we waited in the cold.

Santa was not met with great enthusiasm. But we expected that. Obviously. #parentaltorture

Then we warmed up in J Crew while we checked off some Christmas shopping.

The franken-baby walked like a drunkard all around the store and wrapped those salesgirls around his mittened fingers.

And even though Santa himself wasn't a hit, the night was. This boy has my heart lock, stock, and barrel. If you ask me, the boy has been oh so good this year, and I'll do absolutely everything I can to make Christmas magical for him. 


Jill said...

Adorable pictures! It's way cuter when Santa isn't met with happiness.

Camille said...


A Mitton said...

When did he turn into a little boy? Look at all those teeth! Good grief.

m.estelle said...

thanks a lot, i just shed a few tears AT WORK.

i love him so so much.

and you!


Katie Grosskopf said...

That picture of you and asher at the end is PRICELESS!!!!

Denise Wood said...

I can't stand it. I just can't stand it!!!

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