12 on 12: be my valentine

01. early morning laundry (meaning like 9:30 or 10:00, because I like to sleep in)
02. breakfast reading
03. the local fabric store I planned on going to for a zipper I needed, but Fabric Gallery was closed. Forever. Off to Joann's.
04. last-minute Valentine buying (I derive so much more pleasure out of finding the perfect card than making one, though I love every homemade Valentine I've ever received)
05. cream cheese brownies for our Primary class
06. cutting out a new project with my Grandma's old Gingher shears
07. watching Return to Me while baking
08. ending up at Red Robin because the wait anywhere else was way too long
09. a date to the Portland Opera! free tickets from my father-in-law's employer
10. after-opera snack (cream cheese brownies before setting aside the Primary kids'. . . .)
11. really achy feet after being in those beauties all night
12. my pillow never looked so inviting

I hope your Saturday was as lovely as mine!


michelle said...

Looks like a pretty great day! But why early morning laundry on Saturday? Are you an early riser even on weekends?

I'm guessing it's Grandma's old Gingher shears. You're lucky to have them!

jt said...

Really, you're a newlywed, you don't have kids and you're up early even on Saturday? What is wrong with you? Enjoy this time because all too soon it will be gone (kids-) until you are a geriatric and can't sleep late even if you wanted to. Seriously.

Hannah said...

Those are some awesome shoes!!

amy gretchen said...

i'm always too afraid to read at breakfast...i don't think i will have the willpower to stop.

mmm the cream cheese brownie sound divine. care to share the recipe.

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