a love affair

I'm in love. So in love. With my sewing machine. I love it.

Love. it.

I really have no idea why my interest in sewing didn't spark earlier. Like, a-decade-ago earlier. You see, my mom is the master seamstress, the ultimate sewist. And being as objective as I can, I will say that really I haven't known anyone who can sew like my mother. I sewed a little growing up; in fact, I even made a skort for myself when I was probably nine or ten. But that's where it stopped. I think my mentality was something like "Mom can make anything, so why do I need to learn?"

Then once I got married and serious domesticity started setting in, my mentality switched to something like this: "Hold the phone! If I can't sew, how will my daughters ever have cute Easter dresses and first-day-of-school dresses?? If I can't sew, I'll never have window treatments!!" Enter the sewing machine on the Christmas list.

Now I can't get enough. I've been making my way through the book Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew One Project at a Time, and I think that, despite my late entry to sewing, I'm not a lost cause. (Though I do lament that I waited to pick up sewing until I moved to Oregon, 1,280 miles away from my mother and her patient tutelage.)

Since Christmas, I've made napkins with mitered corners.

I've made a knitting needle case. (I'm looking forward to filling it more, and yes, I do have a second size-7 straight needle, and some size-10 circulars are hiding in one of the pockets.)

I've made a knitting bag.

And it's reversible.

I've made an eye pack, which Josh was eager to model.

I have more projects in the works, and I'm itching like crazy to get to sewing clothes.

Sewing is just the best. Sorry, Mom, for not catching on eons ago, but I'm sure glad to finally be in the loop.


emily said...

Your projects all look stellar! You rock!

Jill said...

My mom is a great seamstress too, yet I never really learned how to do more than straight stitching. You are wise to teach yourself how to sew for real.

Susan said...

Glad you made the comment to your mom about getting in the swing of things! I was thinking that the whole time I was reading!

Keep up the good work, looks like you're on a roll. I just volunteered your Mom to a friend who is looking for a fabulous wedding dress...she's considering flying out for a fitting! Now, I just have to convince Denise.

And surely, she would have to come to Philadelphia for the final event! Yes!

michelle said...

1. I had zero domestic inclinations until after I got married.

2. Your mom has got remarkable skills. She's WAY above average!! I wish I could learn all that she knows.

3. You have really been busy! Excellent work.

jt said...

If I lived closer (than 2,000 miles away) I would make your mom giv eme weekly lessons so I could be better. She really is the best, objectively.
Glad you got the bug! They look great!

jt said...

And is that a felt/button/heart Valentine I spy hanging from the door made by yours truly? I love it. :)

Miranda said...

I'm so proud of you/astounded at the crazy quantity of projects you've finished! Bravo!

Denise said...

Thanks for all the accolades! I have loved sewing since learning when I was in fifth grade. Some of my fondest memories are of sewing in the basement, under my mother's fine tutelage.

Your projects are fabulous! I think you're smart to start on non-clothing projects, to focus on the basic skills. I am absolutely DYING to go to The Fabric Depot. DYING.

Did I say DYING?

And speaking of sewing--I must return to the basement to work on costumes.

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