"the ultimate sophistication"

I was reading this talk last week, and this quote from Da Vinci resonated with me:

{Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication}

I love that. And I've been trying to incorporate that into my mentality. Since the new year, I've been taking time at the beginning of each week to go over what my wants and needs for the week. I borrow Julie Beck's system for allocating my time, and I've been making monthly goals for myself that include things from church goals to housework goals to fun goals. I weed out time-wasters and make sure to allow time for the things I really need to do and the things I love to do.

I've also been taking time to relish the small things, the simple things of my life. Nothing big has been going on around here, and so I'm taking this time to notice the beautiful minutiae in my life. I've been taking extra comfort in things like red patent leather clogs.

And patterned headbands.

When I pare down my days to the basics, to what I need and love, it works.


michelle said...

That quote resonated with me as well. I love your idea of thinking at the beginning of the week about your wants and needs for the week, that's just plain smart.

Relishing the small and simple things always makes me feel happy!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link to Sis. Beck's talk. Loved it! Gave me lots to think and ponder on, I think I have some work to do...

jt said...

I just bookmarked the talk so I can read it later, thanks!
I loved that quote and that whole talk as well. I am a big fan of simplicity in all forms! I always have a hard time figuring out where my hobbies lie in the list of priorities because they don't necessarily have eternal significance...do they?

Susan said...

I like your thoughts and thanks for the reminder of that talk!

And WHERE are those oh so cool wood floors?! Hopefully, in your apartment!

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