like Powell's for fabric

Continuing in the vein of my last post, I'm going to tell you about a new favorite place of mine. A couple of weeks ago I was telling Karen (remember, she's my MIL) about my sewing progress (she gave me the book I've been using), and she told me about this store in northeast Portland called Fabric Depot. Um, yes, please.

So last Saturday I went.

And the sight that met me upon entering the store stopped me in my tracks.

Yes, it's like Powell's for fabric. I hardly knew where to start. I had a few specific projects to buy fabric and notions for, so at least I had some direction. But still. FD has a section dedicated to fabric with food prints. And there's an entire section for fake fur. I had to stop myself from stopping in the yarn section—yes, the yarn section. Plus the home deco fabric in the back. Plus the pattern corner. And the whole second half of the store is dedicated to notions (funny story: when I was a teenager and my mom was making my prom dress—told you she was good—she talked about getting notions for the dress, and I was confused and thought she meant ideas, like, "Hey, that's a good notion! What a great idea!" False. And yes, that was a seriously run-on sentence.)

I wish I'd taken a picture of my cart by the time I went to the cutting station, but just imagine a tiny cart overflowing with at least six bolts of fabric plus notions and a pillow form. The fabric was a little on the spendy side, even with everything 20-percent off, but this time I was okay with that. (I told Josh I would spend more than a little!)

Spoils of the day:

The only downside to this textiles excursion? I forgot the zipper I need in the cart when checking out. And it was the perfect color. {insert mild expletive here}

So. If any of you aspiring craft masters happen to be in the Portland area (whether specifically to come to Casa Wilson or not, though I can't tell you how much fun it would be to have visitors), I'd be happy to take you to the Powell's of fabric, Fabric Depot. And Powell's itself. Obviously.

**Don't forget that tomorrow is the 12th—pull out your cameras and get ready to take some pictures! I know I will!**


Susan said...

Whoa, girl! Quite the find.

Jessie took me to a place similar to that this weekend, Mary Jo's Fabric Emporium (I might have made up the "emporium" part...)?

I spent way too much there and could have kept on going. It made me think of the many times that Grandma and your mom and I would get waylaid in a fabric store. I guess we could have been considered fabric hoarders!

And for the record, I'm an unabashed fan of run-on sentences...sometimes, it's the only way to really get the point across!

I'm pretty sure this will become a favorite haunt for you. Be sure to post the end results!

Denise said...

That is one happy stack of fabric!

I never knew about the notions story--too funny.

And once again, DYING.

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