freezer Tetris

Last night Josh and I made a Costco and Target run, because we were running woefully low on basics like lunch materials and diet cola. As we were shopping, I noticed that Josh was throwing items into the cart that, when combined, I doubted would fit into our little freezer

Me: "Hon, I don't think that the caliente chicken strips and the Yoplait smoothie packs and the four frozen pizzas will fit into the freezer that already has the chicken nuggets and the potato fries and the chicken breasts and the 500 pounds of ground beef and the thousand and one pork chops."

Him: "Oh, we'll make it fit!"

Me: "No, you're going to make it fit."

Him: "Okay, it'll be like Tetris! And when I get one line complete it'll disappear and I'll get points."

Me: "I don't know if freezer Tetris plays by the rules like that."

So we made it home, and I played cupboard Tetris with the cereal boxes and cracker boxes and Instant Breakfast packets while Josh took on our tiny freezer. He had to make some tough decisions and throw away a couple of old items, but amazingly enough, he did it.

So, it turns out we can get caliente chicken strips and smoothie shakes in one Costco run.

Happy Friday, everyone!


michelle said...

I totally rock freezer Tetris. But I still want a back-up freezer for my garage!

jt said...

That is one tiny freezer, but I am impressed with his Tetris skills. Sadly, we NEVER have enough food to fill our freezer. Ha.

Susan said...

...I guess I need a lesson or two. Or three. Maybe four.

Hil said...

Very jealous about the fact you guys have a Costco. Although, it's probably a good thing we don't have one here, because I don't have those freezer packing mad skills. :)

Jill said...

I hate playing freezer Tetris and often don't buy things because I don't want to play it!

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