welcome, new week

It's a new week, and I have a blog post or two brewing in my brain (I hope I'm not the only one who mentally composes blog posts throughout the day). But for now, I'll keep it simple, because I don't have the pictures I need yet, and I'm too tired to be clever.

:: I forgot my book this morning, and on the matter of whether or not I cried about it to Josh on the drive to the bus stop, I plead the Fifth. (I debated for quite some time on whether or not to capitalize Fifth. I even consulted my Chicago. I'm sticking the capped Fifth, because it's merely an ellipted Fifth Amendment, and that's capitalized. So, yeah, I plead the capitalized Fifth.)

:: Josh gave me permission to give myself permission (follow that? because it's not that I need his permission to buy things, because, you know, we're both in charge here) to take a jaunt to Powell's so I have something to read on the way home. I was planning on going there soon anyway. And yes, those mugs I found earlier? They have coordinating plates. Yes.

:: My day has flown by. And I am a pro at making shipping labels. FedEx? UPS? USPS? I can do it all.

:: Plans for tonight? Perhaps some cleaning. And Pushing Daisies. Do I have dinner plans? Can I plead the Fifth two times in one blog post?

:: Over the weekend I saw a man in a green pleated skirt walking around the fabric store. It was yet another reminder that I'm in Portland, where there's a giant billboard that says, "Keep Portland Weird." Well, Portlandians, you're doing a great job.

:: For the past month, Blogger has been coming through the web filter at work, so I can blog and comment during slow seconds. (But pretend you didn't just read that, because I don't want to jinx it. "Read what?" Exactly.)

:: My favorite Super Bowl commercial is right here.


Miranda said...

We loved that commercial too. Absolutely brilliant. Have I mentioned yet how jealous I am of your proximity to Powell's? It gets into the very verys of jealous.

michelle said...

Oh, that is a good commercial! Love it.

So, I guess you need the mugs AND the plates. And of course you had to stop in at Powell's. Obviously.

"Well, Portlandians, you're doing a great job." Awesome.

m.estelle said...

this made me lol. i totally GET this.

wanna see you soooon!!!!!!!


Jill said...

I totally understand the pain (yes it's cry worthy) of forgetting to bring your book! I had one day like that at school when I first started working there and had to read one of the teacher's Young Adult books for 20 minutes.

Susan said...

Too funny. And that's all for now.

Denise said...

I love that you carefully consider your punctuation. And yes, you are allowed to plead the Fifth twice in one blog post.

I love that Josh is so sweet to you.

And, I want the complete set of dishes from--who knew--Powell's House of Books!

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