complete mystery

When I do laundry, I end up with a pile of socks that need to be matched. It looks something like this:

And despite my efforts to match each and every sock, I always end up with a pile of unmatched socks.

It doesn't look that different from the first pile, does it? I keep the unmatched socks in a separate drawer and pull them out when it's sock-folding time, and I often can match previously unmatched socks. And because the unmatched socks cycle through having a pair and not, the unmatched-sock pile remains just as big every time.

Every. time. I just don't get it.

{On an unrelated note, Josh woke up this morning feeling too sick to go into work and suggested that I stayed home too. I mean, someone has to get the Gatorade and find the remote, right? But really. I needed this day. So much.}


michelle said...

That's just funny. The same thing happens here (with a smaller pile).

emily said...

I had a blog post of my own about my unmatched socks! Ha. I'm impressed by your method, though. I usually just wear a mismatched pair.

m.estelle said...

you guys have such colorful socks!

(i love you.)


Susan said...

...welcome to the world of lost socks! It happens. One time Grandma and I loved a quote of the day that was "the rings of Juniper are made up of lost airline luggage"! Maybe you could substitute "socks"!!

Happy sick day (is there such a thing?!

Anonymous said...

The simple answer to the mystery is that you now live with a man. :)

michelle said...

So that's why Emily always wears mismatched socks! I thought it was a fashion choice.

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