five for Friday

01. One of my supervisors brought me hot chocolate from the Pearl Bakery. It has been well established at IDL–Portland that I am a cocoa enthusiast.

02. With about half of the office out on installs and out-of-town meetings today, I might get some surreptitious reading done.

03. I get to do yesterday's Bananagrams puzzle. This puzzle is one of my favorites: "Each of the following seven-letter sets can be rearranged to spell out a common word that starts with ou or co and/or ends with ic or ct. How quickly can you find all the words?"

04. I'm looking forward to my lunch break when I can knit while watching Law and Order on TNT. Right now knitting is especially wonderful because I'm using the merino/camel blend Michelle sent for Christmas. Ahhh.

05. Why not another self-portrait for the heck of it? It's Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

{This weekend I plan on reading, sewing, Netflixing, and living it up in stretchy pants—my weekends are so often the same. And most of the time I'm okay with that.}


michelle said...

Hot cocoa, surreptitious reading, knitting, Law & Order, Friday, sewing, stretchy pants... all so very good!

jt said...

That all sounds way better than my Friday, which included none of those except stretchy pants. You can do that when you're a SAHM.

Claire said...

Oh! The wonders of a good pair of stretchy pants and time to properly appreciate them!

Susan said...

Sounds like the perfect Friday agenda to me!

I'm pretty sure your mom is going to be jealous of the stretchy pants...and probably the rest of the day too!

Denise said...

I also spent my Friday night in stretchy pants, sewing of course. Love the SPs! Love you.

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