mashed potato season

I was in our local Target not too long ago, and I thought to buy some Idahoan Instant Mashed potatoes, which really are pretty good and quick to whip up. So I looked where the other instant items were. And nothing. After consulting one of the employees, I learned that it wasn't "mashed potato season." My first response? "When is mashed potato season??" See, to me mashed potato season is any season.

Apparently mashed potato season coincides with the holiday season, and come January, Target won't stock it.

Fast forward to last night when I wanted to make angel biscuits and surprisingly found myself out of powdered buttermilk (so much easier than liquid buttermilk). So Josh volunteered to go to Target (which is literally two minutes away), and I told him that if they didn't have powdered buttermilk to just get regular. Then I got a phone call from him saying that after talking to a Target employee, he learned they don't have any buttermilk anywhere.

I guess it's not buttermilk season either.


Denise said...

Who knew?

Susan said...

...not surprising! Just might be a regional quirk! We have those on the East coast too. For sure.

And just what would your dad and John say about seasonal mashed potatoes!

michelle said...

What the?!

Claire said...

That is lame. There are always potatoes abounding in Idaho. Instant or otherwise. You'd think with Oregon being just west of Idaho that they would have an abundance of 'taters.

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