confession session

Okay, confession session: I've read all the Twilight books. And I like them.

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, because the Twilight books really are bad writing, but for whatever reason, I find the concept of a vampire romance quite enthralling. I almost hesitate to recommend them to anyone because the writing is really that bad. The author uses the same trite phrases over and over (chiseled chest, tousled bronze hair, dizzying effect, marble skin, ragged edges of the heart, and the list could go on), and you're often reminded of a supernatural soap opera. It really is ridiculous. Yet, I couldn't wait to get the last book that came out on Saturday. Saturday morning, I got all ready and went to Target where I bought the last Twilight installment for a mere $14.99.

The books are great for purely entertainment reading, because they take no extra processing at all. I actually find myself skimming more than reading for large chunks because it's all the same, and I get pretty much the same effect. These books are books I daren't take with me in public (with the exception of the airport: Twilight is perfect airplane reading. And seriously, who cares what you read in the airport?) and I almost feel silly discussing them with other Twilight fans. They were great Christmas break reading last year, because my brain had been on overload from the end of the semester, and it takes zero brain cells to read and process Twilight. Over that break, I read all three books. And I finished the newest book this morning. In two days. No joke.

The writing, it really is that bad. Really. So, I say, read them. But don't. But do.

I'm continuing reading a substantive book (the one I was reading when the Breaking Dawn came out on Saturday. It took the back burner--vampires are just that captivating.) I'm hoping that finishing Reading Lolita in Tehran will renew my faith in good literature. I'm on the path to literary recovery.

But vampires are just so cool . . .


michelle said...

I love this! I read the first book when I was sick and confined to bed. It was such a guilty pleasure, because it really is not good writing. But Edward, oh Edward... who knew vampires could be so compelling? I heard the others were not as good, so I haven't read them, but I have been tempted.

Hilarious post, and I love your labels as well.

Robin said...

Pretty much your post summed up my thoughts on these books. So bad, yet so good. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through Breaking Dawn - stupid work and life getting in the way of my vampire fun.

Tyler said...

ok, i have a slight confession... when those books first came out my sister was reading them, so every time I went to her apt I would pick up twilight and read a few chapters. I only got about halfway through the first book when she loaned it out to another friend, after which I couldn't bring myself to check it out or ask around for a copy. the end.

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