winner, winner, chicken dinner

My twenty-first birthday is on Tuesday, and on Friday I had a party with my friends. We had hamburgers with homemade buns (courtesy of Grandma) and IBC root beer (we felt it was appropriate considering this particular birthday--IBC is the closest I ever want to come to beer) for dinner and homemade brownies (again, courtesy of Grandma) with ice cream for dessert.

Then we opened presents, which were so generous! Sea shells from Florida, Disney World paraphernalia, and a shell necklace from Universal studios from Toribio; twenty-one things for twenty-one years old from Lauren, including cute pens, a polka dot journel, the Hilary Weeks book, nail polish, a pumice stone, nail files, nail clippers, ice cream bowls, ice cream sprinkles, marachino cherries, chocolate shell sauce, caramel sauce, and pina colada mix; seasons one through five of "Monk," courtesy of excellent present orchestration by Rachelle and from Rachelle, Ben, Mike, Duncan, and Cheyne; and a way cute lamp for my apartment from Liz.

After presents and dessert, we headed downstairs to play some Cranium Pop 5. (If you don't know about this game or haven't played it, it's pretty much the best Cranium game ever, plus you can play a secondary game with the point chips. Just ask Jess and Diana. We're pros.) We had enough people to play boys versus girls, and naturally, the girls won. :D We always had a slight lead--the boys did keep us on our toes. I think the best plays of the evening included Emily's cameo (charade) of Cool Ranch Doritos, Duncan's cameo of the slogan "Give a hoot, don't pollute," Tori's sculptorades of Air Jordans, and my letter line-up for Kevin Bacon. I give the hardest play of the night to Michael for trying (sadly, unsuccessfully) to letter line-up "Bridget Jones's Diary."

Our last activity of the evening was watching the movie "21"--an appropriate choice for the party.It was a most stellar night, and I had such a fun time seeing all my friends again before I leave for Provo this week. The party on Friday reminded me that I really do have amazing friends: they're fun, kind, generous, thoughtful, and more. Also, I remembered that I do love birthdays!


michelle said...

That sounds like a great birthday party! Good food, thoughtful gifts, fun games... check. Why did you need to be reminded that you like birthdays?!

Diana said...

What a fun party. Happy Birthday.

Karen said...

Charlotte! I just started a blog and I randomly found yours! Your birthday party sounds way fun! I hope you birthday was wonderful!

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