my final great day at Sashco

Friday was my last great day at Sashco. In preparation for that day, I agreed to cover for the full time receptionist for the whole day, and I made sugar cookies, the recipe of which is courtesy of Katelyn. Suffice it say, I was definitely the most popular employee on Friday, and it really was a great day at Sashco.

The cookies were a huge hit, and it was sad to say goodbye to my Sashco friends. On Thursday, (the last day I saw the full time receptionist because she had Friday off), the HR department gave me a really nice card and a $25 gift card to Target. Score! I really enjoyed that job overall and really feel that the Sashco job was the job for me this summer. However, despite the greatness of Sashco (manufacturer of sealants, stains, and chinkers for residential and log homes), I wasn't so sad to leave. :) That's the nature of temp work, I suppose.

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michelle said...

An ideal job is one which you don't hate while you're there, but you're not sad to leave, either!

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