I should have exited at Sheridan

This is what it looked like in front of me:

And this is what it looked like behind me:

I was driving on I-76 after work and was cruising along as I always do. Then, a couple miles away from the junction to I-70, the cars are stopped. I groan as I slowly come to halt. I can't see how many cars are backed up in front of me, and I try to keep my thoughts positive. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. I barely inch along. I'm approaching the exit to Sheridan, which could get me home, but I think that the backup is probably due to some kind of construction, and that once I pass the construction, I can easily continue cruising home. Negative. I miss the Sheridan exit and am consequently stuck in inching traffic.

So, I decide to get off at the Wadsworth exit instead. As I approach the Wadsworth exit, I realize that everyone is getting off at the Wadsworth exit, because an entire section of I-70 was closed off because of an accident of which I could see absolutely zero evidence except some police car lights.

It takes me another fifteen to twenty minutes to get home from Wadsworth.

No air conditioning. I had sweat in my hair, sweat creeping down my back, sweat making my legs stick to my jeans, and sweat creeping in other places. And the car started smelling funny. I inched along I-76 long enough for me to listen to the entire soundtrack of "13 Going on 30." I left work a little after 4:00 and didn't get home until almost 5:30.

I should have exited at Sheridan.

PS--Why did no one tell me I spelled "punctuate" wrong in my "about me" section in my profile?? Good grief. Some editor I am . . . .


michelle said...

Good thinking on taking those photos! They really show the pain of the traffic bottleneck. And if you have to wait in painfully hot and slow conditions, at least you got to blog about it, right?

p.s. if I had noticed your misspelling, I would have pointed it out. Please do the same for me! Misspellings are the bane of my existence.

Diana said...

That photo of you cracks me up. I hate more than anything being stuck in traffic. When we went to our little family reunion in July the drive from McCall to Boise which is usually 40 minutes or so took 3 hours. Thank goodness for Dramamine ... I slept nearly the entire time
When do you get back to Provo or are you trying not to think about that yet?

Denise said...

In answer to Diana's comment, I'm trying not to think about it yet.

So sorry you had to sit in the super hot Explorer for so long. I love your photo documentation--I can practically feel the heat just looking at the photo of you.

P.S.: I posted my first post! (Lame sentence, I realize.)

Ooo La La said...

I've heard that there is always a good side to every bad experience - your blog was certainly a good side :)

Melissa Marilyn said...

I especially love the traffic photo from the rear-view mirror angle-so artistic!

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