I'm cursed

My ward boundaries for my fall/winter student ward changed, and now I'm in the 12:30 ward.

  • Freshman year, 96th Ward, meeting time: 1:30 pm (by far the worst meeting time I've ever had)
  • Sophomore year, 176th Ward, meeting time: 1:00 pm
  • Junior year, I don't know what ward name, meeting time: 12:30 pm. Well, it's better than 1:30.

My roommate for next year is already moved into our apartment and was in the 9:00 am ward all spring and summer, so naturally, we thought that we would still be in the 9:00 am ward during the fall and winter. Nope. They changed the boundaries. 12:30 pm. Afternoon--again.

I'm cursed with afternoon student wards. Bah.


michelle said...

Bummer! This is our last week of 12:30 church, we move to 8:30 in September. 8:30 is early, but I still can't wait.

emily said...

That stinks. I must admit I'm a little happy, because then you can't start Sunday dinners while I'm still at church. Haha. I just looked up my ward, and I meet at 12:00! Way better than 1:30. Love you buddy! Have a good day at work!

Jill said...

Oh but isn't it nice to be able to sleep in for a change?! I love late church because it makes the morning so relaxing and Sunday-like.

Diana said...

so sorry that really does suck.

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