12 on 12: as a mrs.

My first grid as a married blogger!
01. Lots of morning fog
02. Balanced breakfast of toast on homemade bread, generic frosted flakes, hot chocolate, and a conference talk
03. Catching up on Bones
04. Eating Keebler cookies with Josh on his lunch break
05. Packages from FedEx containing a large bulk of wedding gifts
06. Lunch
07. Phone calls with my favorite people
08. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer--no comment
09. Meal planning
10. Green cleaning--I went to a friend's house and got a little lesson on how to clean green, complete with a chance to make my own all-purpose cleaner (very Oregonian, in case you were wondering)
11. Gearing up for HP7, part 1
12. Too late to be going to bed


michelle said...

Charlotte, you're married!!

Those big boxes of wedding gifts look pretty exciting. Hooray for phone calls with favorite people!

Looks like you're getting acclimated to the ways of an Oregonian quickly.

Denise said...

So glad you have all of your boxes of wedding goodness! Love the morning fog.

Rachelle said...

I feel honored to make the list of some of your favorite people! :)
I was wondering about the green cleaning...you had me worried there for a minute...;)

emily said...

Don't let the Oregonians suck you in! Clorox is the only way to clean!

I too am honored to be at the top of your list. Thanks for always talking when I call. :)

Emily said...

Don't worry--all of my "intellectual" friends just so happen to love Buffy...I'm sure I'll have to add that one to my queue soon. Haha.

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