the honeymoon: Puerto Vallarta

The last city we visited was Puerto Vallarta. Josh and I woke up early to catch a catamaran for the day.

We stopped at an area where we were supposed to be able to snorkel. We tried a little snorkeling (my first time), but Josh told me it was not an ideal snorkeling experience: the water was murky and freezing and choppy. Not a good mix for snorkelers.

We continued on, however, to a small, secluded beach, where we anchored for an hour or so. When we arrived we had to wait for another catamaran to make its way out of the area. This vessel was playing pretty loud music and, upon closer inspection, we observed that most of the cruisers were male and wearing exceedingly tight Speedos. We concluded that the neighboring catamaran was, in fact, a gay cruise.

Our hunch was confirmed when we noticed the rainbow flag flying proudly in the wind. We found this very entertaining--they were very friendly!

Josh and I went with a few other people on a short hike through some of the Puerto Vallartan jungle. Knowing my utter lack of athletic know-how, I actually impressed myself.

Josh was more adventurous than I and climbed up further than I dared to go.

After our jungle hike we returned to the beach and went kayaking. I contemplated kayaking out to sea. {False. But I did quite enjoy going out into the cove.}

The catamaran had an open bar, which most of the people enjoyed just a little too much. On our way back to the cruise ship, our host, Jorge, wanted to help us celebrate our honeymoon by having us take tequila shots. Josh tactfully took him aside and explained that we don't drink alcohol, so could we take a shot of Sprite or something. Jorge looked at us as if we were from another planet. He then proceeded to announce in incredulity to the entire catamaran that we don't drink alcohol and asked the group at large if they should make us drink a shot anyway. At one point he said, "If you don't drink, why are you even in Mexico?!?"

Thankfully, we had some supporters who let us off the hook. So Jorge and his associates shook our hands in honeymoon congratulations instead. While most people still gave us funny looks, we had a few others validate our stance. The whole experience was pretty funny.

On the way back, Josh wanted to avoid getting any more sun. His solution made me laugh.

Puerto Vallarta was fabulous. We loved it.

Now do you want to know about the actual cruising? Done. In the next honeymoon post.


emily said...

I didn't know about the cruise director trying to get you to take shots! Ha ha. Way to stand firm! The entire time I was reading this account I had images of "Booze Cruise" in my head, btw.

Love you! and I'm sad we never got to talk today.

michelle said...

A gay cruise! Interesting.

Too bad about the snorkeling, I think it's really fun, even though it does feel entirely wrong to be breathing underwater.

"If you don't drink, why are you even in Mexico?!" Too funny.

Sounds like quite an adventure!

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