craft master

Have you checked out the Handmade Holiday button on my sidebar there? If not, you should, because it leads to one of the best blog series ever. And after following it avidly since its beginnings just this past Monday, I have decided to work my way to becoming craft master.

I want to make headbands and accessories and wall art. I want to knit scarves and flowers and fingerless gloves. I want to embroider, and I want sew.

Now that I'm not in school and the wedding is over, I have so much more time (especially given that I'm still very jobless). I want to fill that time and be productive. Aspiring to be a craft master will definitely make me more productive!

I want to make things to keep and to give away. I want to be more thoughtful. I want to create.

As a result of this inspired need to craft, my Christmas wish list is much more substantial, and I think I'll be adding a craft section to the monthly budget.


michelle said...

I know, right? I just love that the possibilities are truly limitless. And I'm still trying to decide what I will limit my post to!

Diana said...

so cool!

Miranda said...

Thanks for the shout out! You flatter me.

I get so excited when a new crafter is born! There is so much great stuff out there and you are already ahead of the game with your impeccable taste. :)

Anonymous said...

Join the madness!
No, seriously. One of the most empowering things I ever did was learn to knit--and learn not to be afraid to do it in public. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

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