gratitude list

I think today is a most appropriate time for an ultimate gratitude list.

:: unlimited texting
:: midday phone calls with Mom
:: interstate BG runs with Emily
:: surprised phone calls from Dad
:: funny picture messages from John
:: becoming better friends with Sarah
:: Southwest
:: being friends with extended family--aunts, uncles, cousins
:: Josh Wilson for my husband
:: keeping my initials after getting married--still CJW
:: great in-laws
:: words
:: a college degree
:: my own kitchen
:: hot chocolate
:: so many rainy days in Oregon
:: Powell's City of Books
:: my new bookcase
:: not having to label my food anymore
:: a job that starts Monday (post forthcoming)
:: Josh's job
:: public transportation
:: the library
:: Johannes Gutenburg
:: the moss that grows on the sidewalks in Oregon
:: years of wonderful and strengthening friendship with Rachelle
:: my dear, dear friend on a mission, Katelyn
:: Ghiradelli peppermint bark
:: chocolate, in almost all forms
:: Diet Pepsi
:: Hulu
:: Netflix streaming
:: Netflix streaming dates with Josh
:: lunch with Josh
:: beautiful legacies from both of my grandmothers
:: a relatively successful Thanksgiving pie crust
:: wedding pictures
:: Christmas decorations
:: patent leather
:: monograms
:: ampersands
:: curly brackets
:: commas, et al
:: polka dots
:: television
:: Harry Potter
:: making the bed
:: a clean bathroom
:: YouTube knitting tutorials
:: autumn
:: pot roast
:: blogging
:: my camera (and having found it--haven't taken that for granted again)

In a more serious vein:
:: the gospel
:: my temple covenants
:: my testimony and faith
:: the reality of prayer
:: Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer
:: eternal marriage
:: God's plan is always better than mine--always
:: identity
:: purpose
:: becoming

My life is beautiful. My heart is full.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Jill said...

This is an excellent list which covered all the bases and cracked me up as well.

michelle said...

Wonderful list! I share many of the things you are grateful for, especially monograms, polka dots, grandmotherly legacies, and all of the things at the bottom.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Diana said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I love your list and like Jill it is so complete and pretty and also made me laugh :)

emily said...

Love the list! Love you more. Way more. Miss you lots, too. Way lots. Accio Charlotte! Good thing we'll both be in Denver lickety split! :)

Denise said...

I love everything on your list! Most of all, I love you.

Rachelle said...

Beautiful list! You make me smile Ms. Charlotte Jane! Love you! Miss you!

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