Red Eye

{Preface: Michelle's daughter, Eva, loves dinosaurs. If you read Michelle's blog even just a little, you'll inevitably read about Eva's dinosaur fascination. It's adorable. Eva comes up with pretend dinosaurs that she names and draws and sings songs about. And she remembers them. Her most infamous dinosaur is Red Eye. I've run into him a few times at chez-Michelle.}

Over the summer my eye would get really bloodshot for a day or two. Sometimes both of them. But then, after a few days they would clear up, and I looked fine. My red eye(s) would never hurt or itch or ooze any substance (I know, gross). My mom even mentioned it to the optometrist at her own appointment a couple month's ago. No one's worried. When I'm insured, though, (which should be super, super soon, given that I'm now married to a man who's actually employed with benefits) I'll head over to the eye doctor just to cover my bases.

Until then, however, occasionally I'll morph into Red Eye.


Kathy B. said...

I have the same thing happen to me. Does it feel like something is in it? I went to the Dr. and he gave me drops.(which didn't seem to do too much good) Then I went to see the optometrist and he said that it is probably a reaction to my contact lenses and/or solution. I switched contacts and solution and they feel much better.

There's my two-cents.

Love you!

michelle said...

Oh ho! This made me laugh out loud. I'll have to show it to Eva.

I think covering your bases is a good idea.

Denise said...

That picture is too funny! Is your eye still bugging you? Weird.

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