snow day

Or at least, that's what Oregonians are expecting this week.

I'm from Colorado, typically a pretty snowy state. We had maybe five snow days my entire public school career. Maybe. I am no stranger to snow. In fact, I like it. Driving in it isn't my favorite, but I can do it.

The Portland forecast says we'll maybe get one to two inches of snow.

And yet, while purchasing light bulbs this afternoon (to supply the lamps I bought over the weekend), the cashier not-so-jokingly said, "You should be buying candles in case the power goes out." In case the power goes out. {Note: I've been in only a handful of snowstorms in which the power has actually gone out.}

I nonchalantly replied that I grew up in Denver, and so I'm pretty comfortable in snow. The bagger then asked if I had four-wheel drive, as if that car feature really meant I was from a snowy state.

Yes, I understand that if you or your town is not equipped for snow (I don't think my town has many snowplows), then one to two inches of snow may seem a little more daunting.

But still.

Expecting a power outage? Oh, please.


michelle said...

I still remember the first snowfall after we moved to Seattle. It was an inch or less, and it was if the whole city came to a standstill. Wimps.

But do drive carefully - it's a whole different ballgame when people aren't used to it!

hannah said...

The bigger weather problem in Portland is freezing rain. There is no walking on it, driving in it, and yes it will knock out your power. So long as the snow doesn't turn into freezing rain, you will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my have people seen a real snowfall? :P Two inches is better then two feet.

Do you remember when we were snowed in that Christmas I came down? Now THAT was a snowstorm.

Petey said...

I don't know....two whole inches is pretty deep....

Denise said...

The ice storm thing scares me a little bit, but snow? Not so much.

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