12 on 12: cozy December

01. Speaking in church (on this talk)
02. Playing Super Mario Galaxy
03. YouTube video--simultaneously hilarious and awful
04. Peanut butter=delicious
05. Tithing settlement at the church
06. Dinner with Josh's parents--chili and cornbread
07. New boardgame--Dominion
08. Ward choir practice
09. Best. vanilla. ever.
10. Argyle tights
11. Late-night cocoa
12. Later-night knitting

I can't believe it's the end of the year already! Themes I noticed in my 12 on 12 grids: food, TV/movies, lack of camera. (Next year I'm hoping to have a camera for every 12th.) I will definitely be participating next year. Will you?


michelle said...

Love it. What is that pretty knitting project??

paws said...

I also want to know more about that knitting project. The yarn looks so great and squishy.

Susan said...

I know this comment is super late, but I was just blog surfing and catching up, and I saw your Dominion pic.

We love playing Dominion.

Okay, I thought I had more than that to day, but well, Dominion is really fun.

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