having ourselves a merry little Christmas

Here's what it's been looking like around here.

Sugar cookies. This was Josh's--I think it's positively hilarious. Most of the others were, well, more festive.

Bookshelf Christmas. This is probably my favorite display in the whole apartment.

Christmas tree right next to the fireplace.

Glitter tree-topper.

The first Wilson family stockings. You can't see it, but mine has a fur cuff and silver beaded snowflakes.

Peppermint gelato. I couldn't resist.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


emily said...

I love the new banner! And Josh's cookie. Only Josh.

Your home looks so cozy and festive! Love it. Love you more.

Laura said...

Of course you would have a stocking with a fur cuff. I would expect nothing less.

And your apartment looks lovely.

hannah said...

Ohhhh, I love your bookshelf. Merry mid-December.

Jill said...

Does that poor cookie have a slit throat?

Hooray for your first married Christmas and your cute apartment! I keep hoping for a photo tour of your place.

Denise said...

I second Jill's request for a photo tour. Even though I've been to your apartment, I want to see it with your new furniture and wall decor.

Yes, only Josh (well, and perhaps John) would give a sugar cookie man a frosting wound.

Love your stockings! Love all your decorations--very festive and inviting.

michelle said...

I didn't even get Josh's cookie until I read the other comments! I could see Marc doing that.

Your place looks very festive. Isn't it fun having your first place that is your very own??

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