weekend project

Last Friday I was wiling away the hours at work until I could go home, and I came across this:

So, naturally, my goal for the weekend was to recreate it.

Friday night I made the gingerbread dough (from scratch).

And the dough chilled overnight.

Saturday I used the templates I printed to cut out the pieces, and I baked them.

Then I melted sugar into caramel so I could make windows.(This is my favorite aspect of the house.)

Sunday I whipped up some royal icing and decorated the pieces. I should have mixed the icing until it was more firm, because my envisioned crisp, intricate designs turned out looking more like a lumpy cartoon.

Today I glued it all together. And you know, it doesn't look like Martha's. But that's okay. (Also, I don't plan on eating this--it was purely a crafting endeavor.) The pieces warped a bit in the drying, and the caramel glue was messy. The royal icing pooled, and the detailing was a little sloppy.

But I love it. And I'm going to do it again next year.


emily said...

Sarah and I just mixed up the dough for our own!

Where is the pattern for the roof, btw? We couldn't figure out where it fit into the template you sent.

We love you!

Miranda said...

Umm, wow? I'm impressed. Wow is an understatement. You are well on your way to becoming a mega-crafter.

Diana said...

that is way cool. very very impressive!

michelle said...

What an ambitious project! I think you were wise to split this up into three days. I tend to think I can do something big in one day and then get completely burned out on it...

This reminds me of the grand house my mom used to make out of pretzel rods and royal icing. How did she do those?

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