employment, adjustment, and a black mamba

Yes, I have a job! One of the temp agencies I'm using set me up with a couple of interviews, and about two weeks ago I was officially hired as the office manager for iDL Worldwide, a company that designs in-store fixtures and displays for their clients. It's a very creative and team-based environment, and I think I'll have a lot of room to grow and even use my writing and editing background. So while it's not a premium editing job, it's the right job for me right now.

Here are some of the things I've been up to the past few days of employment:

:: First days always make me a little nervous.

:: But I did okay. I'm the first office manager they've had, so I'll get to define my role in many ways.
:: I spend my days here now.

:: I think it's pretty cool.
:: I've been slowly getting my desk put together.

:: They stock Mexican Coca-Cola here (made with real sugar cane). Plus every other Coke product imaginable. They're free.

:: I've been taking the bus, but yesterday I couldn't find the stop when I was ready to go home. It was cold, windy, and rainy, and I called Josh crying.
:: He came to pick me up.
:: I found refuge in Powell's in the meantime.
:: I'm having to adjust to working full-time.
:: I feel like I'll never be able to plan and make dinner again with my days cut so short.
:: Today we had a black mamba in the office.

:: It was part of a client presentation.
:: Don't worry--it was de-venomed.
:: I was terrified and simultaneously fascinated.
:: Here's another mamba picture for you.

:: Black mambas can slither up to 14 mph.


Camille said...

true story--getting used to working full time is hard/weird/adultish..ps cool on the snake and free soda!!

emily said...

Hey, you told me they slither at 35 mph. That's a way freakier speed. 14 is pretty freaky, though.

Emily said...

Yay! So happy about getting a job :)

m. estelle said...

jeremy and i just googled that company and boy HOWDY are we impressed. can you get us both jobs so we can come live next door to you and josh? ;)

but seriously, you are a rock star and i am happy that you have a job to keep you busy and that you get to spend time downtown! what a cool adventure, charlotte!

love you.

Cami! said...

It is the WORST when you don't have time to cook and clean anymore! Your house turns into a holy mess and you start eating popcorn for dinner. :-(

Jill said...

Congratulations on the new job! That looks like a cool place to work. The black mamba is too freaky, what a strange thing to see at work!

I hear you on the dinner prep, at least you had a couple months of quality time at home enjoying domesticity.

hannah said...

congrats on the job! TriMet has also made me cry in the past, but riding it got easier with time. Best wishes on everything!

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