a post-graduation December

This December I'm not living in the library, completing student ratings, writing 10-page papers, researching theory, completing last-minute cleaning checks, frantically packing, subsisting on Kraft mac and cheese and Diet Pepsi, turning off my phone so I can concentrate, mustering remnants of academic motivation, waking up for 7 a.m. finals, or walking up to campus in the freezing cold.

Instead I'm working a full-time job, figuring out downtown Portland, knitting every night, reading books because I really want to, decorating my small apartment for Christmas, waking up next to Josh every day, watching my favorite TV shows, eating Sunday dinners with my in-laws, making real food for dinner, and Christmas shopping.

I loved school for the most part—but being a college graduate is so worth it.

PS--Where are all the commenters??


Daniel said...

Here's a comment. I'm 1500 miles away from home doing a take-home final in my freezing apartment (heat broken...) at 2am on my birthday and you just made me insanely jealous.

I mean, Merry Christmas. :)

Cami! said...

all the commenters are bitter because we're still in school... ;-)


Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah Wieland said...

I suppose I should comment since I never have, and I am your biggest blog-fan after all. Reading about all the things that make you happy makes me really happy! And I can testify, that although being married does make life sweeter, I went back for an extra semester (what was I thinking?) and your December sounds much more preferable!

And to your sad sister, a Jr. Core December can be quite lonely and bleak, but it's just so good when it's over! You're awesome!

April said...

I'm here, I'm reading!

I remember the first year neither of us were in school. We had just moved to Denver and we were so in love with NOT having homework fill our evenings and we could just hang out and be together with nothing else demanding our attention. (besides our two small children and our church callings...)

Happy first married Christmas! I hope that it is wonderful :)
(I also hope I can catch a glimps of you when you are here...maybe a trip to Fancy Tiger can be arranged....)

michelle said...

This picture and post just make me happy. (But Em's comment made me feel sad.) I agree with her, though, I think it's the combination of being out of school and being married that makes things so delightful!

emily said...

I feel that it's time for sister Emily to comment. (That wasn't me earlier) My Christmastime isn't lonely at all. I have wonderful people in my daily life and get to go home to see the one's I'm away from most of the time.

I love you, Charlotte!

Emily said...

Sorry for the mix-up with sister Emily. And sorry for being such a downer.

Christmas is wonderful, and life is wonderful.

It's just a little lonely moving to a new city all by yourself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Denise said...

I love this happy picture! And knitting in a cozy apartment sitting by the one you love sounds infinitely more appealing than finals in a frozen Provo.

Season and Isabella said...

All right, I'll comment as well. :) Hi, my name is Season Beals and I absolutely love reading your blog! My husband and I were in the Applewood Ward when you were a little girl. We loved you and your sweet family then and still do now! I think you are a fabulous writer and you make me laugh all the time. Thank you so much! It's such a treat to know you through your blog. Merry Christmas!

paws said...

How fortunate that graduation coincided so nicely with marriage. Isn't "real life" so great?

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