{I am}

a woman
a daughter
a sister (times three)
a wife
a newlywed
a friend
a reader
a writer
an editor
a cook
a baker
a knitter
a decorator
 a house accountant
an office manager
a friend
a daughter-in-law
a sister-in-law
a granddaughter
a blogger
an American
a BYU grad
a consumer
a bibliophile
an omnivore
a niece
an organizer
 an introvert
 a quasi-adult
a wannabe Hogwarts student
a picky eater
a film critic
a TV junkie
a Coloradan
an Oregonian


m.estelle said...

holy smokes you're a lot of things.

counting the days until we seee youuu.
miss you, girlfriend.

Denise said...

I'm glad you can be a Coloradan as well as an Oregonian. Tell THAT to the man at the Social Security office!

michelle said...

This is awesome. It's kind of amazing when you list it all out like that!

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