hot off the presses

Well, folks, it's finished. My grandmother's history that has been in the works for two years now (though most of the work has taken place over the past two months) is finally finished. I wanted to finish in time for the holidays, because I think the copies will make nice Christmas presents, but more importantly, knowing that my grandma isn't around this Christmas has been a little hard for me. Finishing this book I feel is my final Christmas gift to her.

If you'd like you can order it by following the link at the bottom of the preview.You'll want to make sure to order it in time for Christmas (if it's a gift), and because they have to first print it, the time between ordering and shipping the book is a little longer than with typical online ordering.

I loved doing this project and using my editing skills in this way. For those of you who end up reading it, I hope that her life inspires yours, as it has indelibly inspired mine.


Miranda said...

This gives me goosebumps, Charlotte. Bravo, you! I can't wait to get a copy.

michelle said...

Thank you, thank you, Charlotte. This is a gift of love to all we who loved her so well. I hope I get this for Christmas!

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