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I opened this package from Josh on Christmas morning.

While the wrapping job left more than a little to be desired, Josh made up for it by hiding this under the wads of wrapping paper.

I am unable to adequately convey my deep, deep, unbridled excitement over this gift.

Now I'm in Colorado for the week (we spent Christmas with all the super fun Wilsons), I'm spending all--or nearly all--of my time reading this book recommended by Miranda

Love it. I'm consumed with crafting elation.

This next week will be full of family-ing, eating, cooking, and sewing. Obviously.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and I'll tell you all about my wonderful holiday soon. See you next year!


m.estelle said...

what about swaz?

michelle said...

This is exciting for sure! I got the same gift from Marc for our first Christmas!

Jill said...

How exciting!

paws said...

Yeah! And since I just got my sewing machine for my birthday, we're totally on the same page. Too bad not literally - I asked Santa for that book, but he had other plans.

Susan said...

...Jessie will be jealous.

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