back with Jack

The season 7 premier of "24" was on last week, and it was a two-night event: two hours both Sunday and Monday nights--talk about back with Jack! I wasn't able to watch the premier when it was actually on, mainly because I don't have real TV in my apartment (much to my TV-addict chagrin); however, Emily and I devoted our Saturday night to Jack.

We kicked off our night with a quick jaunt to Shade, where they were having a 25 percent off sale on everything that was already on sale--ShamWow score. Emily bought a few items for great prices, and I purchased a really cute hoodie sweater for only $11.98!

We then headed up to her room, set up camp on the bed, pulled up the episodes on the internet, and got started. I brought over my leftover pizza from Friday night, and we finished off the pizza (with the help from some Coke Zero, Oreos, and carrots) on the coolest paper plates ever: Arthur plates.

We started the show but soon realized that the monitor would still go to sleep if it the touchpad wasn't touched on a regular basis. We were watching on the bed opposite Emily's with the computer perched on Emily's bed, so the dilemma of the dimming screen was a definite problem. Emily and I put our brains together and came up with a reaching stick composed of the rod from her broken closet towel bar, a sock or two, and one of her faux gerbera daisies. It was supposed to work like this:

But even though the device applied the proper amount of pressure, we realized that the touchpad also needs heat. . . . Reaching stick=failure.

So we ended up putting the computer on our laps, which actually worked better because it was easier to hear and see. Ha. We should at least get points for trying the reaching stick, though, right?

This one is for you, Mom:

It was just a hermit Saturday night, so it's really not a big deal that we wore unseasonal and, in my case, unmatching socks. We got a call or two soliciting our social presence, but our response was simply, "Sorry, I need to catch up with Jack." I love hermit nights with my number one pal, Emily. :)

Till next week, Jack.


Daniel said...

I feel obligated to note that the touchpad on your computer is probably not thermally activated (though it's possible). It seems most likely to be an issue of electrical conduction, which a sock still fails at in every respect. There's some minutia for you.

Karen said...

Yay for 24! I tried to get people here addicted to 24, but no one is so I watch it on my computer by myself. I'm glad to know that I have friends in Provo that share my addiction. I would also like to note that my brother is a major nerd.

Denise said...

I am quite impressed by your ingenuity--DI (as in Destination Imagination, not Desert Industries) experience pays off again! What a bunch of tv-aholics I've raised!

Seasonal theme AND unmatching socks? *sigh* What would Stacy and Clinton say?

michelle said...

We enjoyed getting back with Jack last week as well. (although we just watched it on DVR -- no reaching stick necessary. I guess Emily's lack of a roommate is working out well for hermit nights, eh?

April said...

Being social- important.
Catching up with Jack- also important.
I love 24!!!

Jill said...

Hermit nights usually end up being more fun than social outings anyway right? Plus the attire is much more comfortable.

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